Setting Up This Website

9 April 2021

This is a sketch . It might be rough, incomplete or without context.

Technologies / platforms




  • Set up a Netlify account as per the instructions here: Host on Netlify | Hugo
    • I signed up with my GitHub account.
  • Followed the steps to link the git repo to Netlify
  • Deploy failed first time because of an issue with Hugo versions. Fixed by adding a netlify.toml file to the repo as per this post Build command failed because of Hugo version - Support - Netlify Support Forums and the steps in the instructions.
  • NB stylesheets, favicons etc. didn’t work initially, because they are all set relative to the baseURL parameter in config.toml.
    • To test them, I updated this variable to be the URL that Netlify assigned me. I had to clear caches and deploy to see the style updates.
    • Once the custom domain was set up, I changed this back to real website domain.

Set up custom domain